Track and Field

Our track and field solutions can be used for competition fields, sport courts and playgrounds.






Keep a high level of quality in any season and differences in temperatures and can also be used right after the rain to increase the efficiency.


Good flatness


Liquid materials are adopted in construction, flat surface, up to the mustard of competition place.


Good Resilience


Good resilience, which can reduce the consumption of physical strength and improve the competition achievements.


Impact Resistance


With a coriaceous buffer layer, which can absorb strong wallop, reduce the athletic harms and is suitable for both the long-term practice and competitions.




Special construction techniques, good connection, which can suppress the increase of water. No phenomena of ebullience and delamination.


Good weatherability


Special EPDM rubber grain surface, which can resist ultraviolet radiation, ozone, wind and rain and the contaminations of sulfurous acid and gas and can prolong its usage life.


Brightness in appearance


Offer matched installments of various colors according to the requirements of the costumers. Grainy surface. Efficiently reducing the direct sunlight reflection. Colors are beautiful and bright. With the function of beautifying the environment.


Applicable Range


Applicable for formal track and field competitions, ordinary athleticism, all kinds of school field, etc.

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