Anti-Bacteria Floor Maintenance Services
Specialist in Indoor and Outdoor Flooring since 1999
Our advanced machinery deep-scrubs your floors, ensuring a fast and efficient scrub even on hard-to-reach areas like grouting and wall edges.

Our Heavy Duty Germicidal Solution features a powerful bactericide and pleasant deodorizer to sanitize your floors.

We offer PSB certified products evaluated for their antibacterial activity, and our solutions are included in NEA's list of products against coronavirus.

We also offer optional conditioning of your floors, leaving a glossy finish and water-resistant surface that lasts for months
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What we do upon engaging us?


  • Basic shifting of moveable furniture on site.


  • Vacuuming of flooring.


  • Using scrubbing machinery (with anti-viruses "NEA Listed Against Coronaviruses" & anti-bacteria "PSB Certified" products) to disinfect & maintain your existing flooring.
  • To use Turbo Floor Dryer to remove moisture from flooring (Carpet Flooring Only)


  • (Optional) To provide 2 layers of premium (mild glossy) sealer coat to vinyl flooring.
    (Coating will enhance water-resistance & scratch-resistance to the flooring)


  • Basic shifting of furniture back to floor area.


*Furniture shifting shall not exceed 20kg per item.
*For shifting of furniture, no dismantling furniture parts.
*Vix Marketing Pte Ltd shall not be responsible for any damages over shifting of furniture’s.

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